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Women are EXPERTS at recognizing men who DON’T GET IT. Write it on a sticky-note and put it on your computer monitor… Men like to play rough games, win things, and rule their territory. Most men don’t BEHAVE like men when they’re in the presence of a woman that they “like”. and if she enjoys those other things enough, then maybe she’ll want to spend more time with me.” Heavy, man. Most attractive single women KNOW that if a guy isn’t interesting to be around, they she’s eventually going to go CRAZY being around him. Material gifts, food, flowers, and other “displays” have ZERO lasting value to a woman when it comes to how she FEELS about you… If you’re boring, predictable, and uninteresting, then you’re never going to have women calling YOU to hang out. Women can INSTANTLY FEEL IT when they’re with a guy who “gets it”.And if you DON’T get it, PLUS you’re trying to compensate for the fact that you don’t get it with gifts and compliments, then you’re REALLY screwed (or not screwed, as the case may be). SINGLE, ATTRACTIVE WOMEN WATCH MEN TRY TO WIN THEM OVER ALL DAY LONG. AND THEY’RE ANNOYED WHEN A GUY WHO DOESN’T “GET IT” JUST KEEPS TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING. And since most men don’t understand female human nature, they don’t demonstrate that they “get it” when they’re with women that they “like”. In other words, no amount of material gifts, compliments, dinners, and other “displays” will EVER compensate for a lack of BEING INTERESTING. An attractive single woman wants a guy who LIGHTS HER UP. Women know very quickly if they’re talking to a guy who understands himself and women…My hope is that what I’m about to share with you will change how you interact with women FOREVER… “Romantic” relationships are very different from “friend” relationships.and help you meet and date more of the kinds of women you’re interested in. FRIENDSHIPS AND ROMANCE For women, friendships and romantic relationships are two separate things. One can lead to another, but it’s RARE when it happens. While most men would sleep with most of their female “friends” if the woman “came on” to them, most women would NOT sleep with most men that they consider “just friends”. How do women differentiate between “just friends” and “I’ll be intimate with you” ?Keep in mind that single, attractive women watch guys do this stuff 24/7. The point is that if you DON’T GET IT, then nothing you do is going to work for you. There are a few particular things that REALLY annoy single, attractive women. Here’s a profound thought: I and several other guys I know have many women who call us often… These women would be happy just to be in the same room with us… and who enjoys creating and building sexual tension. and you can’t “convince” a woman to feel it with logic, gifts, and NICENESS. And if you don’t understand ATTRACTION, a woman is going to KNOW IT. Single women HATE IT when a man doesn’t understand ATTRACTION and how to communicate on this “other level”.


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But this special one-off #The Swipe Life class was something a bit different.And in most cases, it will eventually turn into a RANT session about how hard it is to find good men to date…

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