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24-May-2020 20:37

There are no mind games – trying to figure out if the other person is serious or just playing with your emotions.

Therefore, you should not enter into a courtship until you are of an age and stage in life when marriage is a realistic possibility for you.

Young people are bombarded by images of impure and sinful relationships.

The notion of chastity would seem to some to be one that is outdated.

There is something very gratifying in being identified as someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Yet that is a false identity, founded on a false sense of security and rooted in insecurity in your own worth as a person.

When a couple courts they are saying that they are exploring marriage as a possibility for themselves.Courtship can take a variety of forms but there are essential elements that need to be considered in establishing guidelines for a young couple.Chastity: Upholding the virtue of chastity is a real challenge in today’s society.But virtues do not lose their value, even if they do go out of style in some cultures.

Chastity forms us to love our neighbour as Christ loved us – purely, selflessly.) But don’t even step on the path that leads toward impurity (because we all know what the alternative is to seeing God!

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