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16-Jan-2020 16:44

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So the astute can know that Jesus will return in Glory on a fall feast day (probably on the two-day Feast of Trumpets) between 20 AD.

That is about as close as I will ever get to setting dates.

Apparently God also changed the actual length of the year on earth so the calendars actually did reflect reality.

The changes in the annual year have been recorded in the Bible., the sun and moon stood still in the heavens.

That was much of Grant Jeffery’s theory in his book “ but he was obvious wrong.

I think God uses a Gentile solar calendar when we are in the time of the Gentiles and He uses the Jewish moon based calendar when He is dealing with the Jews.

Even so, the Lord will return in Glory to fulfill the fall feasts to Israel just as He fulfilled all the spring feasts at His first coming.Jesus was clear that there would be an end of this age.Ages do not go on forever and the Church Age has lasted for nearly two thousand years (two, one-thousand-year days).God’s Spirit would not strive with man in the millennium because His Spirit will have been poured out on all flesh.

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All will have the knowledge of the Lord in the millennial reign.

If you do a quick Google study on the Internet on the year that Jesus was crucified you will see that there are those claiming all sorts of proof why they know the correct year of the crucifixion.

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