Defining and validating high level design metrics

15-Oct-2020 04:14

The RBC PM will establish and approve a schedule showing major activities needed to establish full RBC system capability in accordance with Figure 1-2.General responsibilities are listed below: External Responsibilities.The RBC PM’s authority extends from initial planning though all aspects of the performance including technical direction of project personnel.The RBC PM has full authority over the technical managers and direct access to SSC San Diego senior management to acquire and commit the necessary resources to meet the requirements of any or all work assigned.Other sources of information, such as electronic files, shall be identified using unique identifiers such as date and version number.Any deviations from referenced standards or policies shall be identified and justifications shall be provided.

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organizational units may be used to depict project roles and responsibilities.

The RBC PM is the principal point of contact for maintaining liaison with the SYSCOM Communications Security Office, coordinating and supporting meetings, conducting program reviews, supporting the COR, approving all deliverables and managing all subcontractor activity.