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Previous versions of this specification (OPF) and its related specification, OPS, were unified into the single OEBPS specification.For this version, OEBPS was broken into separate OPF and OPS specifications to aid modular adoption of the specifications.XML also provides well-defined rules for the syntax of documents, which decreases the cost to implementers and reduces incompatibility across systems.Further, XML is extensible: it is not tied to any particular type of document or set of element types, it supports internationalization, and it encourages document markup that can represent a document’s internal parts more directly, making them amenable to automated formatting and other types of computer processing. Namespace prefixes distinguish identical names that are drawn from different XML vocabularies.

In order for electronic-book technology to achieve widespread success in the marketplace, Reading Systems need to have convenient access to a large number and variety of titles.EPUB Publication A collection of OPS Documents, an OPF Package file, and other files, typically in a variety of media types, including structured text and graphics, packaged in an OCF container that constitute a cohesive unit for publication, as defined by the EPUB standards.EPUB Reading System (or Reading System) A combination of hardware and/or software that accepts EPUB Publications and makes them available to consumers of the content.a set of named modules is defined in its specification) that is not mandated to be supported by its specification (e.g.

the XHTML ruby or forms modules in the OPS context).

A Reading System XML Document Fragment Referred to as either a document fragment or as an XML Document Fragment, as defined in Document Object Model Level 1 ( but with the additional requirement that they be well-formed.