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29-Sep-2020 20:03

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I did exactly the same and then I begin to see 27 more errors because of an empty Resource.

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You create new controls in markup or the designer and – they don’t show up in your code.

Even though you know the control is defined on the page you’re in red squiggly hell: So now comes the dance: You’re trying to open the markup editor, make some changes. Open the designer, move something, compile try again… The problem here is that the designer file doesn’t get re-generated if you have some sort of layout error in the page.

Specifically WAP pages look at the page markup and then build the .(.vb) file.

As soon as you do this a new .file will be created for you with all the controls in it.

Solution 2 : Delete your old .file if you want to update and create a new empty file with the same name, after saving your aspx or ascx file again, the designer class will be regenerated.

Or hopefully you get a more useful error message like this one: which gives you an idea what the problem is.

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