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At December to Dismember, Kelly and Knox took on the team of Ariel and Kevin Thorn in a mixed tag team match, during which Knox refused to tag in before abandoning Kelly, leaving her to be beaten badly by Ariel.

On the following episode of ECW, Kelly defeated Ariel with a roll-up in her first singles match.

Kelly went on to win her first WWE Divas Championship by defeating Bella.

Blank was set to appear at her first independent wrestling show in Waterbury, Connecticut at a North East Wrestling event on November 4, 2012, followed by a house show event on November 5, but her appearances were canceled due to Hurricane Sandy.

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She was stopped by Lay Cool, who were in turn stopped by Trish Stratus.

In June 2011, she won the WWE Divas Championship, commencing a four-month reign.

She left WWE in 2012, but has since returned for occasional appearances.

On the October 29 episode of Raw, Kelly won a battle royal to earn a match against the WWE Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix.

After the match however, Kelly was attacked by Phoenix and lost the subsequent match between the two the following week on Raw.On the following episode of Smack Down, Kelly gained revenge on Guerrero when Kelly and Edge defeated Guerrero and Mc Intyre in a mixed tag team match, causing Guerrero to be fired in storyline per the pre-match stipulation.

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