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After a few messages, I gave him my Google Voice number and we began texting.In my mind, I started to call him Baby Sub because it became clear he, too, was exploring, but I made him call me ma'am or Miss _______ (a name I won't reveal here).So when I finally activated an Ok Cupid account in the spring, I didn't expect so many white men to reach out to me or for them to move so quickly into revealing their fetish for black women.

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Because he was still pretty new to being a sub, I felt more comfortable allowing the relationship to progress.

I largely ignored the men asking me to dominate them, which happened as frequently as every third or fourth message, but they did make me wonder: Were these men simply casting out a large net in hopes of catching anyone, or was there something about me that served as a beacon to white male submissives? As I headed into my late thirties, though, I thought of all the opportunities of sexual exploration I'd been denied because it may have interfered with an ex's "manhood," or because of my own lack of confidence.

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