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The smell of alcohol encompasses my memories of other staff members, and I don't drink! He inspired me to do the same via Southampton School of Navigation, and then on to 7 trips around the world in a few years, and my 'discovery' of Australia in 1963!

The very best place in the world, 4 years later I moved here for good!

, and I'm not afraid to speak ill of the dead, so I hope Paul Baylis died a very long slow painful death with something very uncomfortable stuck up his ugly rear end! He used to buy in plastic skin to repair the backsides of the young boys he thrashed every afternoon.

I remember the school originally being in a house a block or so from the seafront and then moving to a larger facility about a year before we left for Eastbourne. You are probably the only other person I know of who even knew about the school. Wadi-Williams.any of the above masters still at the school when you were there. The uniforms were bright blue blazers and caps with a gold dragon standing on its rear legs. posted by Chris Poynter on at am Yes, I remember that horrible place!

Another head boy Ryder R Rodgers, beat me at long jump, 1957(? Sod, I can just see him driving a bloody Rolls Royce with the number plate RRR001 Petherbridge, whose parents ran a souvenir shop in the old mint at Pevensey, opposite the castle.

And Mike Catterall, my best friend at Pendragon, spent summer holidays at his home in Canterbury.

Nice to hear that you had the odd female connection, I met and was in touch with a girl from Charters Towers during and after I left Bexhill,but as usual local distractions played there part and we both stopped writing Try again to log on to Friends Reunited its interesting to read the reports and find out what people have done and what they are doing now.

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He had a lap dog called Wilson who ran away from school undre mysterious circumstances never to return-what a wiered character he was.

So many bad memories that are still so fresh, and the few good memories that are fading!

The only member of staff who gained my respect was Mr Ball, geography and sports.

One of the happiest days of my life was way back in about 1969m or 70 when lured by some hideous attraction to drive past the old school I was absolutely thilled to bits to see it had been turned into a block of flats. Readying Barry above Im a bit concerned that the school may have simply relocated - Ive spent 30 odd years in the fond belief that the dammed school was closed down hmmm But we all obviously carry the scars of that place and time so far and long away from - well I'd like to say home but the truth is that after I'd been there over half my young life I trully think I had no idea what family was.

It took until I was 40 to shake off the institutionalisation and work for myself.

I seem to remember singing in the choir at his wedding at the small church in Alfreston. Ah well, time to get some firewood in, have a chat to the kangaroos in the back paddock, and check out the stars.