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There is no download or registration needed to chat (there is an option for registration so you can keep a name anytime when chatting online).

Europe Chat Room Rules: The sole purpose of this free chat room is to make friends living in Europe not to meet adults through the webcam or video.

In the European date format however the month and day are the other way around, e.g. This then causes difficulty for those arranging to meet on that day, as an American visiting from overseas might write it in their diary under the 12 March and thus be very early for their appointment.

Being essentially ‘backwards’ by American standards, European date format can cause mix ups and problems with everything from arranging meeting times to running software.

Many UN member states formally adhere to the UN proposal that Jerusalem should have an international status, as outlined in General Assembly Resolution 181 (II).

While the US historically supported the establishment of an international regime for Jerusalem, it recognized the city as Israel's capital in December 2017 under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

De jure, the majority of United Nations (UN) member states and most international organisations do not recognize Israel's sovereignty over East Jerusalem, which came under its control after the 1967 Six-Day War, or its 1980 Jerusalem Law proclamation, which declared a "complete and united" Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As a result, most countries locate their foreign embassies in Tel Aviv and its suburbs rather than in Jerusalem.Israel became a member of the United Nations the following year and has since been recognised by most countries.