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The first step in this lesson plan is to brainstorm some basic vocabulary that students may encounter in a dating situation. Alternatively, have them work with a partner or small group and see what they come up with.

Often this team approach works well adtivities adult learners as it encourages indirect conversation which is great eating and for many students is a more comfortable conversation style than a whole class situation. Once you have worked on a vocabulary list, ask students to work on some word variations using the words in their list as base words. Ask each team to select a strip of paper without reading it fold them in half first.

for Adults These are arranged obviously in the word document (Martin Shipley and Sarah Wrht, David Crouch and Rosie Jacobs, etc.) : if you have a smaller than 14, make sure the cards you remove are matching pairs rather than just random characters.

Worksheets, flashcards, lesson plans, and activities for teaching ESL and EFL.

Dating is a fun topic to tackle in an adult ESL dsl.

This articles gives you some starters for ESL fun activities for talking about dating and using a question and answer format to initiate and develop conversations in a one to one or small group situation.

Although it’s aimed at native speakers of English there are a lot of questions that are suitable for intermediate students.

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Also, if you have an uneven number of students, you can sit in to make it even.

Do your research with your students first to make sure that what you plan as a fun activity is in fact fun for everyone.