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Mary STACEY, his first Wife, who was Daughter, as thereon inscribed, to the Rev. John WATSON, by Eleanor his Wife (Sister, by the Mother to the Right Hon. Admiral of the White, first Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, etc.) who died October 1, 1731 in the 20th Year of her Age. WILLIAMS, who formerly was Collector of the Excise, but having a plentiful Fortune left him by a near Relation, he resign'd his Employment. JENNER, a Collier at Cranbroke in Kent, was found in a Wood near Staplehurst in the same County, with his Head cut off, and other Parts of his Body terribly mangled; he had been missing about four Days from his Family. It is thought a love affair was the cause of this rash act. Canterbury, June 16th - On Sunday last the Master of a trading vessel, which laid off the Goodwin Sands, came on shore at Margate where he informed the inhabitants his men had mutinied, and begged their assistance; on which a Margate boat properly armed, went off and going on board the vessel found everything perfectly quiet; in the evening the Master went to the sign of the Ship and engaged for a lodging, but about two o'clock in the morning he drew down the sash and leaped out of the window, which was two pairs of stairs high, and near 30 feet from the ground; from thence he got as far as the Crown, where he was found dead, with eleven guineas and some silver in his pockets. At Chatham, John HAMMOND, Esq., surgeon of his Majesty's Dock-yard. EARL's at Bransett [Brenzett], and was returning home late in the Evening, had the Misfortune to slip from the Foot Bridge into a Ditch, and was drowned. YOUNG; he was the first person who erected clover mills. GROOM, Maltster, near Rochester in Kent, was returning from Canterbury, his horse fell with him near Room Lane, Chatham, whereby he received so terrible a contusion to the back of his head, as to occasion his death in a few hours. Andrew's in that city, and vicar of Herne, in Kent. Barrell, relict of Francis Barrell, Esq., of Otterdon [sic], in the county of Kent. About August 31, 1811 - Lately, Ralph Paine, Esq., formerly storekeeper of Deptford Dock-yard. Thirteen house-breakings, either highway robberies, four desertions, and a number of small offences that are not herein inserted, are the horrible crimes of the unfortunate William Morgan". She survived her eldest sister (the late Miss BAKER) only four days. MACE, of Wansunt Farm, Bexley, Kent, aged 78, one of the oldest sportsmen in the county. Baliol BEST, Esq., aged 29, youngest son of the late George BEST, Esq., of Chilston Park, Kent. In his 93d year, Alured PINCKE, Esq., of Sharsted, Kent. James PACK, a well-known agriculturist, at Tudely, Kent, committed suicide by shooting himself. On the 3rd June, at Folkestone, of consumption, the Rev. On the 3rd June, at her father's residence, Canterbury, Jane BASKERVILLE, of Edington, Herne, eldest daughter of William Mercurius BASKERVILLE. 2, Montpelier-square, Brompton, after a few days' illness, W.Diligent Search is making after the Actors of so bloody a Tragedy, in order to bring them to Justice. A., Vicar of Mynstre and Minister of Margate, which he enjoyed upwards of 40 Years, being presented to them by Archbishop Tenison, about the Year 1705. A few days ago, Sandwich, William DAVIS, in his 99th year; he was in the battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, etc. Friday morning about three o'clock, a coach from Deal coming down Dover Castle Hill, during a violent storm of wind, thunder, lightning and rain, the horses took fright, by which one of the drivers, one GAMMON, was thrown off, and the wheel going over his head, killed him on the spot. Deptford, after a few hours illness, Mary, wife of Capt. He has bequeathed money to endow an hospital, to be erected on the New-road, Chatham, for the Widows of Shipwrights; the ground for which he purchased some years ago. At Tunbridge Wells, in her 29th year, Mary Anne, daughter of Rev. This is the fourth death in the family, at the same residence, within the last two years. At Beckenham, Kent, William Christopher CUPPAGE, Esq., of Old Broad-street, solicitor, aged 46. From the appearance the body presented it was evident the deceased had put the muzzle of the gun into his mouth, the shot passing out at the back of the neck, and the head being frightfully shattered. Cloudesley Hughes D'AETH, rector of Knowlton, fifth (and third surviving) son of Admiral Hughes D'AETH, aged 38. Curteis WHEELAN, Esq., of Heronden Hall, Tenterden, Kent.

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On Wednesday last died, after a long illness, at Tunbridge in Kent, John WELLER, Esq., possessed of a good Estate in the said County, in which he is succeeded by his Son George WELLER, Esq., an eminent Counsellor at Law, one of the Council of the Marshalsea Court, and Deputy of the Alienation Office. She was the author of The Old Maid a novel and some other works. There was no person in the room to assist her, and she ran to her mother. He, however, was alive when found, and was taken to the Union Workhouse; but from the serious nature of his injuries it was believed that he could not long survive. MEIERHOFF, Otto, York-villa, Blyth-hill, Stansted-road, Forest-hill, Kent, gentleman, who died Sept. Claims to Turner & Son, 78 Leadenhall-street, London, solicitors, by June 24. Claims to Henry Sowton, 13 Bedford-row, London, solicitor, by July 17. SMITH was born at Hythe, in Kent, on 9th of February, 1808, consequently at his death he had just completed his 66th year.Transcribed by Michael Coomber, graciously provided to the Kent OPC for display. She had, at the Time of her Death, 367 Children lawfully descended from her, viz. I went down into Rothford hundred, and there I robbed a man of his purse, containing some silver: this was in a by-road. There I broke open a china shop, and took to the value of 20L. On Thursday last, at Sittingbourne, the lady of William KINGSLEY, Esq., late of Surry-place, Kent-road.

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