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History abounds around every corner, with over 150 landmarks -some dating to the 18th century- representing a variety of architectural periods.

Religion has always played an important role in city history, and church graveyards chronicle the lives of the early settlers.

I'm looking for for more information various Basingstoke stories so that they can be included on the page click here for more details Actress Sarah Sutton who, amogst other roles, played Dr Who's companion Nyssa alongside Tom Baker (who called her "Miss Basingstoke") and Peter Davidson.

Sarah is famous in Dr Who circles for gratuitously removing her skirt half way through her last appearance, in the story "Terminus", and playing out the rest of the episode in her underwear.

Family owned and operated owner Chef Carlo Cappiello sees that every patron leaves the restaurant, both full and happy.

There are literally endless ways to enjoy the water along the Crystal Coast, and AB Watersport Adventures has explorers of all varieties covered with a suite of rental equipment and gear to make an on-the-water expedition a day at the beach.

The New Bern Academy, built circa 1806, is the oldest chartered school in the state and is now a museum that houses artifacts that focus on education, architecture, and the Civil War.

Our city flag honors the mother-daughter relationship with Bern, Switzerland.

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Crystal Coast Lady Cruises features one of the largest fleets of cruise ships along the Crystal Coast, and as a result, can effortlessly provide a number of family-friendly expeditions to vacationers who want to enjoy this delicate chain of barrier islands and coastal territory to its fullest.

It was taken from a British ship during the Revolution and was used as a surveyor's landmark in laying out the city.