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And I was cruising through the forums here, when I came across this thread. I hope to be able to pass on all the knowledge I gain to my daughter. I've only been to his a reserve a few times because of the distance so don't know my family on that side too well. My great grandmother was full blood Cherokee from OK. It is my understanding through the oral history that most of the "main land" tribes,(Eastern and Plains), can trace thier roots back to the Ojibway,(Assiniboine)? At the risk of offending some, I will not discuss "animal spirits or guides" or ceromonies, especially on-line.Again a big hello to you all, and hope you all have a great day.~Spirit~Just checking out the forums and came across this one. You did a good thing starting this thread astro, I didnt realize thier were so many "people" here. It would be wonderful if we could all introduce ourselves and offer our hands in friendship to everyone on the site and maybe even have a little virtual teaching circle for folks from all walks of life to participate in and learn about us and our culture. I don't want to blab on too much but just sayin' what's up? the wolf clanwe have members in the Deer Clan (not to be confused with the white deer clan) and glad to see some interesting folx.I am assuming since there are threads asking all Aussie folks to introduce themselves, that this is okay. OSAYO and Blessed Be All My name is Waya Digadili and I am Part Cherokee, Melungeon and Mik-Mak. Being a woman, I have been asked on more than one occassion by guys if I had any Indianin me. Seriously though, There is cree from my fathers side.


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My grandfather chose to raise me understanding his ways and his spirit. I wasnt taught much about it growing up and am just now starting to delve into the histpry of the people I am a part of. And hey if I can meet a fine looking man along the way, I am totally cool with that Pave Shev to all! I am Cheyenne and Cherokee on my mothers side, and Italian/Dutch/Montauk on my fathers side.The Great Tribe of the Mik-Mak come from the north of the Minnisota border on the Canadian side. Even though it doesn't seem much,and I was mostly raised in the city(away from any natives), I never felt quite right about my place here.The Melungeon people from research may go as far back as 2,000 bc. I have lived with the Seminole Tribes of the Everglades in Florida for 5 years back in the middle 80's. I study many life issues and try to find how we all can fit togetherpeacefully.Estimated traffic that christian-singles-4u receives: 0 Unique Visitors Per Month Proven and positioned, and custom website traffic analysis!


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With years of experience, and a custom developed platform, We is your go to source for web analysis.By the way - I am a women's traditional cloth dancer and both of my daughters are Butterfly dancers. Be strong in everything that I do strive to achieve the best...hard a mans fruit is in its labor.woodlands love them always.will sustain our hearts..of all do not forget who u r and where u come from..............pamelawell, thats kind of how i feel. My great uncle was Wolfrobe of the Cheyenne nation,(still havent figured out if it was paternal or maternal, he had six wives!

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