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11-Oct-2020 03:05

Finally, she replied, “I do not want to see or hear from you ever again” and threatened to file an anti-harassment order against me.

The open, thoughtful, communicative Emma I knew had vanished.

This is something I see over and over again – mostly from men, but from women too – people complaining that they can’t get over someone because they need “closure”.

In theory, the idea behind closure is that either by confronting the issues that ended the relationship or having a final airing of grievances, the afflicted party will finally be able to tie their relationship up in a neat bow and sail off into the sunset. that’s not only not how things work but that’s usually .

Every once in a while, the universe likes to drop a subject in my lap.

Last week, several of my readers forwarded me an article on Medium called “Shining Light on Cutoff Culture“, a think piece by one Jeff Reifman, about closure and communication.

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him) and should never be performed except under stringent circumstances. Reifman’s rant about Emma’s cruelty is something I see fairly often from guys – and it’s almost always guys – who rant about how women owe them an explanation and why they need “closure” on the relationship. Let’s take a look at what Reifman had to say, in his own words.One of her friends chose to have sex with a lover after breaking up with him; she said even in the midst of ending the relationship, she wanted to “be generous in spirit.” While I don’t necessarily advocate taking things that far (in part because it can create confusion), I embrace the sentiment. Now, as tempted as I am to just repost his article and comment line by line, I want to get down into the meat of some of what he’s talking about here with regards to “cutoff culture”, closure and the psychic toll of breaking up with someone.One thing that’s impossible to miss – as the always-excellent Captain Awkward points out – is that this entire rant is dripping with entitlement.Most of us don’t blink when a friend says they’ve cut off an ex.

But if you’ve ever been cut off by someone you care deeply for, then you know how distinctly painful an experience it can be.Rather than face my need for explanation and desire for resolution, she chose to withdraw.

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