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He heard her complain that he ate too much to afford keeping him fed, grew too fast to keep him in clothes that fit, was too big for their furniture, and most recently wasn’t smart enough to get a job to pay back those debts he owed her for taking him in. Grace had been delighted to find Ed was an easy going little brother who pretty much let her do anything to him as long as he was allowed to hang out with her. When I’m confused you’re there to explain things to me without making me feel stupid. By the tenth shop Ed was wobbling a little so they stopped for refreshments at a little café across the street from the construction site. “You weren’t going to install these air conditioning units were you? He didn’t enter the property as he didn’t have the appropriate safety gear. Just the maintenance fees for all these separate units would have been very high. “No, he just schooled some developers on how to properly install a cooling system on their new construction site downtown while we were shopping.” Grace grinned as she looked out the patio door at the sleeping man. ” A cell phone started chirping from the kitchen counter and Grace walked over to pick it up. “Ok Romeo, let’s get to the restaurant,” she growled playfully.

Dressing up, make up parties, you name it, if Grace wanted to do it Ed would be right there indulging his new big sister. He opened the lid of the barbeque and flipped the steaks, meticulously brushing more mix onto the cooking meat. ” “Found something in yourself that you weren’t expecting and weren’t sure you were happy with? Grace remembered the first time her rage overwhelmed her. He held open his arms and she pressed herself against his broad chest as she was wrapped in his big arms. Ed drank his expensive imported lemonade and ate his muffin while he watched the trucks delivering components for the site. They’d need separate ductwork which is an extra cost and considering the length of the runs needed some of these wouldn’t be delivering sufficient cooling. “Yes and we just completed our work on the North Ridge Mall expansion.” Ed said and felt a wave of fatigue wash over him. ” Grace walked into the room as she’d just returned from the college. The earrings Ed purchased for her swayed from her ears and he noticed with a smile.

Reggie was grinning as he leaned out the window of his buddy’s pickup. Shirley made sure he was aware that she was not replacing his mother. When they pulled back Grace wiped Zoe’s lipstick from his lips. Even with the different styles they would listen to the other’s assessment and they most often came to an agreement. They are supposed to be properly disposed of, not installed,” he continued to press. Grey suit was arguing with him then turned with the two other men in suits and walked up to Ed who was carefully picking himself up off the sidewalk. Shenzchun Industries made thousands of these, sold them at discount pricing then dissolved the company and disappeared. You’d have to replace them within the year anyway as they can’t be fixed.” Ed looked at the truck. “Why are you installing so many individual units instead of one high efficiency unit rated for the square footage? “We were told our operational costs would be lower and we’d get a deal this way. ” “Drakos Heating and Cooling.” “And you’d never try selling one of these units to a customer? Angie and Zoe were there instantly and took his arms to steady him. He shouldn’t get so excited,” Angie responded to the gentleman and smiled. The third man who was also wearing a dark blue suit but a deep red tie stepped forward while his partner made the call. “Ed’s taking a rest after his busy morning.” “Did he tell you about meeting with the Klein Group? “No, but I just heard he ‘schooled’ someone about their cooling system.” Drakos chuckled. They are coming in to speak to me about taking over the project. “Ed’s boss called to thank him and to tell him to get better soon as it’s likely they are going to be working on that construction project downtown.” Angie looked at Grace in surprise. “You- you look very pretty tonight,” he stuttered with a blush. More than a chaste peck but less than a French kiss. He wasn’t really sure how to respond verbally so he just shifted slightly to give room to his growing erection.

She also told him that while he was actually her cousin once removed he could call her Aunt Shirley for simplicity. Only when there was a consensus were the items taken to the cash desk. “Who are you and how do you know about these air conditioners? Our shop had six of the units and when we heard about their failure rate we safely disposed of them. Rachel kept her eye on Joe until the goon turned and went back into the site. ” asked the man wearing the dark blue suit and a silver and black tie. “Did you know they were installing these units today? “No, I just saw them on the truck as I was having a snack in the café across the street. My friends brought me down here to do some shopping,” Ed answered the man. This job has been one surprise expense after another. They fired their foreman and some of the contractors and are looking for us to quote on the work. “His company is getting the project just because Ed informed the developers they were being given defective air conditioning units? He stroked her lips with his and she purred as she pulled back. It wasn’t at full strength considering he still had the residual medication in his system but it was a start.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older. ” Edward Walters looked over his shoulder and raised his hand in greeting as the pickup cruised past him on the town’s main street. well, he didn’t like to think about it so he pushed it aside. Grace was turning 22 tomorrow and he wanted to get her a really pretty card. When his mom died in a car accident, Shirley, being her cousin and the only living kin available, took him in. Rachel loved a more sleek classic style while Angie leaned towards a more relaxed casual look which Rachel called Bohemian. He backpedalled until his back hit the chain link fence. I’ll be contacting your office today,” grey suit said and walked away. She gave him an up close and personal view of the tops of her incredible tits and his eyes couldn’t resist their almost magnetic pull.

He recognized the speaker as Reggie Halston, one of the wide receivers for the Bearcats, the high school football team Ed played the Guard position for. He gave his head a shake and continued down the street. He found out later that her charity was mostly to get her hands on his mother’s limited estate and the insurance money. They walked inside and once more conversation died. The outfits Zoe chose had a tendency to emphasize strength and aggression and all three ladies got a little fidgety when he’d exit the change room in these ‘bad boy’ clothes, Angie’s term. The worker didn’t know how to deal with this and glanced over at the foreman who was looking seriously pissed. It’s my job to keep track of this kind of information. That’s unethical and just plain bad business.” Ed insisted and his head swam a little more. The foreman looked like he wanted to kick Ed’s ass then he turned and quickly walked back to his trailer when he saw grey suit talking to someone angrily on his cell. Drakos,” she replied recognizing the voice of Ed’s boss. Her wide smile drew his eyes up to her crimson lips and up to her sparkling blue eyes.

Shirley’s food bills were the source of many a verbal flaying during those days. I mean, coming right up,” she bounced on her toes and skipped back to the house. She watched Ed brush the mixtures onto the steaks and place them on the hot grills. The table was set and the women were sitting around it talking. “I think it’s time to send Ed to bed,” Grace smiled. I am horrified by her actions,” she began and Ed nodded. You are a much gentler person than I expected you to be which makes the intensity of the experience so much more special for me.” Ed frowned as he recalled how he’d felt when she’d pushed him beyond his comfort zone. I mean, I’d been with a woman who wanted me to use her for my own pleasure but that was my first time ever and I was nervous about everything. He pulled back suddenly, his desire raging as he struggled to control himself. The Anthropologist had dressed a little more conservatively in a simple black skirt and grey silk blouse. Mishka entered right behind her and touched the blonde’s back in a possessive way.

When Ed got to high school he was immediately enrolled in the football team. My lawyer tells me I should have it finalized by the end of next week. The steaks sizzled and Ed brushed their tops once more being careful to use the proper mix on each steak. Zoe glanced up at him then looked away quickly and licked her lips nervously. “I also want to apologize for how I behaved the first time we met. You pushed me pretty hard and I found myself reacting in ways I never thought I would, or could. Like discovering someone else living in your head.” Zoe looked sad and dropped her eyes. “The doctor said not to do this so you’d better go inside while I try to settle down.” Ed choked out, his deep voice trembling with repressed lust. Grace’s eyebrows went up but Heather looked so happy she couldn’t help but share that happiness for her friend.

Through the years he’d spent with her she’d often remind him of those efforts. Everything I’ve been through, everything I’m feeling, you get it. He recalled the days of playing dress up with Grace and supposed this was a lot like back then. Each of the ladies only wanted hugs as thanks for buying him the clothes and he ended up giving them a lot of hugs which made him happy too. I don’t understand why they told you it would be more cost effective. Grace entered the kitchen and gave them a knowing smile when she saw the pleased cat in the cream smile on Rachel’s lips.When his teammates discovered ‘Mister Ed’ referred to a horse their laughter was a knife in his guts and his shame was complete. Being called a freak by his teammates was particularly painful even if they did it as a joke. He couldn’t bear the thought of them seeing his freakish nature. I get a good paycheque now and if I keep working as hard I may get more bonuses.” Grace sat back stunned. Depriving himself to save up to get her dream of college back. Grace’s eyes lit up when she caught the smile Ed was trying to hide.He did his best from that time on to avoid showering with the others either by being first or last. Edward gave himself a shake when he found himself dwelling on that old history. She quietly asked the waitress for the seasoned fries with her spicy steak.Puberty struck early for Ed and he exploded upwards and sideways as his frame grew to support the muscle mass it was destined for. He always went in too deep without understanding all of the social rules. That said, I’m still sad that this part of my life is ending so badly. ” “Yes, I’d like that.” She gave him an extra squeeze then released him to walk back into the house. He transferred them back to the platter and kept their order so he knew which ones were which. The woman was looking at Carolyn with a very self-satisfied smile because Ed had eaten half of the salad by himself. Ed nodded and she led him out onto the patio for privacy. ” she gasped breathily as lightning shot through her nerves setting her body aflame. Stephanie also caught sight of Rachel and blushed furiously. Stephanie couldn’t maintain her frown as the memory of Ed’s touch flashed through her mind.

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His keen eyed gym teacher started him on strength training early and his body filled out quickly. Carolyn was up next and she brought him a tall glass of chilled water. I had hoped he would realize how much he had thrown away.” Ed reached out and hugged Carolyn. He shut off the barbeque and carried the platter back into the house. He yawned mightily as the food and his medication was making him groggy. “First I want to apologize for what my daughter did to you. He kissed her hard and she whimpered into the kiss, overwhelmed with the sensations crashing through her. She glared back at Carolyn for stealing her wind but there was no heat in her eyes when she did it. Grace perked up when she saw Heather coming in and her eyes went wide when she saw the short, skin tight cocktail dress she was wearing.

He was eighteen now and he did his best to put up with the ribbing from the rest of his team though it still hurt. She whispered into Heather’s ear and her friend ordered the fries as well. Zoe’s house was slated for demolition within the month. Like Angie’s daughter Isabelle, Sophia had been expelled from college.

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