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And as you’ll see if you visit, it’s emphasizing this new Office-as-a-service over the conventional versions.

(They remain available, although Microsoft has done away with previous versions that entitled you to install the suite on more than one computer.) It wants subscription Office to be the default Office.

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though it deserves further examination: Do you need Office at all, given that the consumer versions of Google’s equivalent web-based apps are free?

(Briefly, Google’s services are a workable alternative in a lot of cases, but Office is still a vastly richer, more capable collection of productivity software.) With the new consumer version of Office 365, Microsoft has resisted its usual instinctive urge to offer a product in a multiplicity of versions that vary in subtle ways.

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Microsoft is now offering a consumer version of its Office 365 service, which turns the suite from a shrinkwrapped product you pay for in one lump sum into a subscription service.

And if you bought five shrinkwrapped copies of Office Professional — the version most comparable to Office 365 Home Premium — you’d owe Microsoft ,000, which is enough to pay for worth of Office 365.

“I want as much Office as possible.” Until now, Microsoft has catered to price-conscious home users with stripped-down versions of Office. And depending on the number of PCs you have and your propensity to upgrade, it might still cost you less over time than a more basic shrinkwrapped edition.

It’s true that you should only subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium if you’re comfortable with the idea of paying Microsoft 0 a year for productivity software indefinitely.

But if you cancel your subscription, you won’t lose the documents you created — just access to the full-blown Office apps.

Despite its name — Office 365 Home Premium — there’s just one version of Office 365 for home users.

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