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.-Fattr aaal-'""(t: list mlnlsten, tn open oppoal Uo H 11 to Faurc's progrsm of conci Ua Uon | of Moroccan na Uonallsts, wera '\ forced out by the premler. ■ TIMES-NEWS, TWIN FALLS, IDAHO FRIDAY, OCTOBEBu, (i Ike Observes • 65 th Birthday; ' Is Improving I! 438 Fourth street north, was fined g S and 13 cm U Friday in Twin Fal U juatlce court when he pleaded guilty of operatlnj a motor vehicle with improper registration plates. The plsne had been sent out in search of the trawler after the llt Ue f Uhlng veuel radioed it was sinking in a gale about IBO miles rwrthwosl of here. The Wlrard and two Canadian — messaged — Seen Today Shock of com in front of local business on Main avenue.

Slnce then Faure has locked a dependobla ;1 majority In the assembly. ' ■DENVER-Oct-H- Mi-Prealdcnt Elaenhower vss U today. For todny, however, tl^e only b\ 'Jie eeleb Ht Keep the Whlt« Flas ■ of Balety- Flying Now 11 days without a traffic death in our Magic Valleu.

Meanwhile the Premier will try to work out a lltesn Tlns maneuver s Uch aa spared his government last Sunday on tha qucs Uon of Morocco,. If the EOvemmcnt loses ad Jiuealloa of conlldence, It resigns. Welker said, and he gave vuiv-u, - nere,[up I£'""^j^*^^^fw^n S^ ^iiiored "by: the Ulahl-'.'I felt like aumg him f Peaiaon).)l t Si^^^wma^ liinlin^^^ he County Republican Women's dub. 1^ Durln E peak flows Uie ta Us 'w Ul 1 carry In exc CM ot IS. route 1, Twin Falls, ram- frt In'" 111 ' — ---^ - Y-Wlnia to Meet The The Y-WIve» will meet a S pjn. JO laat nliht,., ■ ■The prospect of any survivors looks bad." the ipokeaman said, _ The navy said the wrec)uge ai thi b Une, a Neptune llks those used by the U. navy, was sighted early th U momlng by the frigate Wicard. Man with- raki .chasing dog down street for acat- terlng h U pile ot leaves, , , Ex- perienced waitress tnitruc Ung i^ew waitress in proper manner of serving customers.

- Faure'a seven-month-old gorem- menniiia^bcni"lrrdlfftatltl ES"Bmca — the Morroccan debate. but you people of Idaho didn't acnd U turer as Wiuiam mnwii, """" i . OOO acre fe«t \ but this eununer, «mi no wal« I -telling pitt MUner dam, tha only I water thai ha* been ttowlng owe I the falla has been that "Melth M 1 been led tat* 8Mk6 rtw I from sprtan »* tn^»"«", V5S \ wa Ur bclweefl Iho dsm lod Ua J falls. It was about 3D miles from where the 300-lon wooden trawler Elnar OUfsson lay wallowing In heavy seas. Bicycle liden running red light at tnier- aection of Shoshone street and Sixth avenue cut. , Hom-honklng mo- tor Ul-'niahlng pedestrians -Un Wir H intertectlon.

Oc L H — Karen Mat- thews, a H-year-old daughter of Mr. John Matthews, Declo, is In crl Ucal condl Uon hi thi! Amon E other Injuries, the child la believed to have a skull fracture.

' Cottage -hospltol-iiv Jlurlejuw Itb Injurlas-rs- cclved-when struck by an automo- Dllc nnveti Uy^. She was hit when she darted across Iho road In front ot Dorrln Eton's car, police reported. 375 Lincoln street, waa to undergo spe- cial surgery today lo bone structure -' '-" ' ' ^ n d- HTl s K ,.

Twin ; Fal U, and a daughter waa bom to 'Mrrnnd Mn.

- ■ ^ - - They refused lo consider one res- olution by Faure's Radical Socialist party, 305-37*. ^n answering charges he had Ihe payroll two University of Idaho students while they attended school last aprlne and had Wrcd his broth- er. at 110,000 w-i*-" referred to Pearson of llora.'" behind Uie flf Ui amendment" hi ani Sen. tti fboul Mmeinber- of th" Welker «Ud he dlh^r w Ws or daughle« on Umtvthal Htaton wu headed "^l^^j^^b*^ „^ Uie «ta. Wc Ucm I -t hirtd Wm — — Puts on Show Ihe first tlm» In ft, . Commit- ment waa withheld by the court permit him to leave the dly.

Local dlstrlbu Uns cnmpanlcs plan- waw, WH at vnrl L ' , . As there was ro outside water to lieht the blaze, he called t he KImberly fire d e part ment, ■'Flre-fl Bhlln B eq Ulpiiicnllroni KIiri- berly. Montr Oct.-H tf T— An explosion and fire In a deluxe house Ui UIer burned nine person*— two fats Uy. Stewart Matlhewj, Seattle, plans to spend 13 million dollars In expanding exls Ung serv- ice and openln E nc W'Scrvlcc to cus- tomers In Be Ulnshain, Anocortcs, Bremerton, Bhelto'n, Wenatchee, Yakima. J3cck_h Ji|LJcen imloadlng Jiccts-a L Threat Seen NEW YORK. 1* (in— Cranston ^yllllams, Bcneral mnnn Rcr ol Uie American Newspaper' - Publls Jiers' association, warned the publ Lihers today that they faced an economic threat which possibly could close some newspapers and Impoverish ^3 of others.

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