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His corpse is later mutilated and stripped by the homeless. He welcomes Carl's return to the gang and assists Carl in helping the Grove Street Families return to dominance.

However, he does so in a limited way, later joining forces with the Ballas, the Grove Street Families' main rival, in order to become involved in the drugs trade, which Sweet had refused to do.

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He later has Carl steal a jetpack from Area 69 and a container of an unknown "green goo".He meets Carl Johnson in a street race, which Carl wins.Wu Zi Mu later employs Carl to help his boss Ran Fa Li and to tackle the Da Nang Boys, before pulling of a heist at the Mafia owned Caligula's Palace casino in Las Venturas.She finds a new boyfriend, Claude, and leaves San Andreas for Liberty City. The Truth is an aging hippie who lives in San Fierro and owns a farm on the outskirts of the city.

However, she later attempts to win Carl back through phone calls. He becomes a friend of Carl Johnson when Carl steals a combine harvester and sets fire to his farm's illegal crops.

He attempts to commit suicide but is rescued by Carl, who later becomes his manager and helps to re-build his career.

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