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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Online shops offers: Fragrance UK 10 items for 29.69 - 81.65 GBPFragrance 6 items for 29.89 - 78.64 uk 11 items for 30.47 - 85.69 4 items for 32.00 - 84.95 GBPPerfume Click 7 items for 34.25 - 67.30 GBPExpress Chemist 3 items for 36.79 - 54.29 GBPLife and Looks 2 items for 36.90 - 58.90 GBPFragrancedirect 1 product for 37.95 GBPFragrance 10 items for 39.59 - 108.89 3 items for 44.00 - 72.00 GBPThe Perfume Shop 3 items for 44.00 - 67.00 GBPEscentual 3 items for 44.00 - 72.00 GBPDebenhams UK 4 items for 44.00 - 72.00 uk 2 items for 56.00 - 72.00 GBPLloydspharmacy 1 product for 49.00 GBPView products... Someone wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jeans, loose messy hair and the clean and fresh scent of Dolce Gabbana light blue. but you have to love lemons because it’s almost the only note I can smell I tested this perfume times and times during these past years. I have tested it on my skin, when I try to smell it, it's nothing there except bergamot for half an hour, then absoloutly nothing!!! But I kept the paper to ask others if they smell anything. At the same time it has the great advantage of staying rather close to the skin, which makes it nice and discrete in hot weather.She has had it on for a couple hours, so it was lighter and muskier.

Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore. Nowadays I'd say it's a staple familiar to most people, and plenty of similar alternatives exist.

These smell kind of similar but they have focus more on floral or woody notes, therefore not identical to Light Blue. But that's only evident on the first little and fleeting moments, then the other notes immediately emerges, a lightly sweetened apple note blends in with a soft lychee-like note.