Grandstream phone not updating time

19-Nov-2020 07:49

Primary SIP domain: lab.local | Next : You will need to manually create this network share and give rights to everyone.This wizard will not automatically create it for you) Let create the Lync file store share right now so we don’t forget.Step 4: Start Services After services are started you can open the Services to verify all the Lync Services are running.Goto Start | run Lync Control Panel you will be asked to type in Administrator credentials.Here is an outline of what we will do: Insert CD and Run You will be prompted to install Visual C , click “Yes” (below) You can accept default location and click Install (below) Accept Terms and click “Ok” to install.

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Select New Topology (as shown below) and then give the topology some name (just any old name like “mylab.tbxml”) Now we will be define this topology.When install is complete (3minute wait time) you will have below apps on your server and the Lync Server Deployment Wizard (below) will appear.Note: Microsoft Lync Server 2013 has a new centralized logging mechanism.In the “File Sharing” Wizard click the dropdown beside “Add” and select “Find People…” and in “Enter the object names to select” type RTC.

Now press the CTRL key and select the above groups.

You will see the below “Prepare single Standard Edition Server” wizard window and you can just click “Next”.