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While the two shows have marked similarities, at its core At the start of the show, Ted, like many of our generation, still isn’t married at 27.He realizes that he wants to give up his single status for a committed relationship like Lily and Marshall’s.Lily (Alyson Hannigan) takes Robin (Cobie Smulders) over to her apartment (which she herself has not been to in three months) while they are out, only to find that it has become a Chinese restaurant called Madame Chew's House of Dumplings, decorated with her belongings.They are told by the hostess (who recognizes Lily from the photos she left) that the landlady died and Lily didn't have a written lease., including “challenged accepted,” “lemon law” and “I only have one rule.” Marshall has “lawyered,” and Robin has her infamous “but, um,” which becomes a doomed drinking game.Both shows are funnier if watched in order, since episodes often recall earlier ones.They’re the imperfectly perfect couple who have only ever had sex with each other, and their healthy, happy relationship is contrasted with Ted’s rollercoaster love life and Barney’s endless series of one night stands.And in the eighth season, even womanizing, staunchly single Barney succumbs to committed romance when he realizes he loves Robin and proposes, destroying his precious “Playbook” in the process of winning her.

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Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) warns Ted that things will change with Lily officially living at the apartment, and that eventually they will force Ted out.

The slap bet is a recurring joke that spans several years on example is in the famous “Puffy Shirt” episode.