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Russia, both as the USSR and the Russian federation, provided a source of parasitological theory for decades.A key figure in Russian parasitology was Yevgeny Pavlovsky.Preservation of the mummified carcasses of ground squirrels was so good that even ectoparasites (lice) were found in their hair.It's a unique case as actually no hair coat is usually preserved.That's why special processing of ancient DNA before its studying is necessary.

Nikolai Formozov, a Leading researcher in the Laboratory of Vertebrate Behavior, existing at the Department of Vertebrate Zoology of the Faculty of Biology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the article author shares: "In the course of the work we ask ourselves if there are somewhere descendants of the first colonization wave in Eurasia.

Already first samples, gathered by Alisa, precisely proved the hypothesis - ground squirrels from Kamchatka appeared to be close relatives of the glacialis form.