Intimidating employee

19-Apr-2020 20:41

Like a Stephen King horror story, intimidation comes at us in many forms and faces.

As long as intimidation is going to be part of our lives, we might as well learn how to deal with it, resist it, and even use it.

The use of power, authority, position and status to intimidate workers into compliance is, at many companies, considered to be one of the most effective of management’s bag of coercive tools.

Respect for authority, position and status is fine, but using them to intimidate others into submissive acquiescence is quite another thing.

It joins death and taxes as one of the few certainties in life.

If someone tells you they have never been intimidated by someone or something, they are lying to you because they are too intimidated to admit it.

This understanding gives us the power to rise above the situation and turn it against the intimidator. This is the embodiment of the old saying, “Fight fire with fire!

” That is, creating a “back-draft” that turns the intimidation back on the intimidator.

Once we recognize the purpose of intimidation, we are well on our way to thwarting its impact.Though ignoring them might seem like the easiest way out, we often have to speak to the people who we most want to avoid.

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