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Bhadrabahu, chief of the Jain monks, foresaw a period of famine and led about 12,000 people to southern India.Twelve years later, they returned to find that the Svetambar sect had arisen.There are 63 significant figures of Jain legend and story.

Jainism has two main variants: Digambar (the naked) and Shvetambar (wearers of white cloths).

There were many Jains in Lahore (Punjab's historic capital) and other cities before the Partition of 1947. The Jain rituals for marriage and other family rites are distinct and uniquely Indian.

Jain rituals are elaborate and include offerings of symbolic objects, with the Tirthankaras being praised in chant. One Jain symbol incorporates a wheel on the palm of the hand.

The two sects generally agree on all principles of Jainism, but the Digambaras have unique religious ceremonies and a different ecclesiastical and literary history from the Shvetambar.

The Digambar are differentiated by certain tenets, such as the assertion that perfect saints such as the Tirthankaras live without food, that a monk who owns property and wears clothes cannot achieve Moksa (liberation), that no woman can achieve Moksa (without being born again as a man), and that the original canon of Mahavira’s teachings is lost.

The Jain canonical books mention the same kings that reigned during Buddha’s life as contemporaries of Mahavira.