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Wholly delightful and painted with inimitable refinement and brio were his rococo scenes, A Harlequin and Lady, Firezvorks, The Kiss, and especially the Sleeping Lady. Last, not least, I may register Ida Gefhardt's portrait of a Japanese prince, excellent in simplicity and sound quality of handling, and Rudolf Helhvag's E? His life- sized portrait of a lady — the first of the kind he has painted since he did his well-known Lady in Blue — did not give entire satisfaction, but at the same time furnished one more proof of the great maitrise of this artist.

One Bracht Bracquemond, Pierre Bramley, Frank Brandenburg, M. Two of the younger Moscow painters scored truim])hs, their contributions furnishing some of the chief successes of the exhibition— N. TCl I HV SERGE VASSILII'AITC H IVANOFE Reviews and Notices tained none of the paintings belonging to public collections, and moreover, many works belonging to private owners were missing ; while the earlier period of the artist's xuvre was incompletely represented, mainly because it was Ivanoff's habit to burn wholesale those of his early studies and sketches which had ceased to satisfy him. The volume is intended to be a souvenir of this exhibition, which was noticed at some length in a recent issue of this magazine, when we repro- duced in colour two particularly interesting works included in it.* As far as the letterpress is con- cerned the bulk of it consists of a series of biographi- cal and critical notices of the artists who worked in pastel during the period covered by the volume — some of them well-known names, while others, in- cluding not a few whose mastery of the medium was equal to that of their more famous contemporaries, have sunk into oblivion. Readers of The Studio are familiar with "several of these works in which Russia's past, as seen by the prismatic vision of a modern artist, has been characteristically por- trayed with historic fidelity, and in which incident- ally Ivanoff was able to express his hatred of the barbaric and servile elements in the character of his countrymen. Morrison's work, which goes far towards meeting a very distinct want. Morrison has set forth the importance of realising that in "Japanese pictures we must look for the spirit and poetic sense of things, rather than for a needless report of their external appearance.