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As experts have long noted, sexual abuse is not about lust or desire or even sex; it is about power and it is about control.a person who sexually abuses another has, by their own actions, demonstrated that they are not actually egalitarian because, as stated above, true egalitarianism is inherently and fundamentally incompatible with sexual abuse.This brings me back to my concern that John Piper’s views, if adopted by a church, would lead some to believe that to *cure sex abuse* one merely needs to make sure women and women and men are men. It has nothing to do with gender roles and everything to do with some form of psychiatric disorders which causes the molester to exert power and control over another. John Piper needs to do some serious study on the matter before he starts spouting his *thesis.* A thesis should be supported by facts. A thesis statement is the single, specific claim that your essay supports.Justin Taylor is in the top frame, and David Mathis and Justin Taylor flank John Piper in the bottom frame (with Jon Bloom in the background).I conclude with some excerpts from my latest book (pp.

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The result is forty-five books, sixty articles and reviews, twenty-three forewords, and forty-two chapters—totaling around three million words (all of this is in addition to his sermon manuscripts and online articles already available, free of charge, at desiring

I spent several days working through this collection.