Julie dating desperate housewives

12-Jul-2020 00:25

It is discovered that Danielle is pregnant and Austin is the father just as Julie forgives him based on the letter.Orson tells him that he must leave town and Danielle must come with him and Bree on their honeymoon to cover up the pregnancy.Later, Susan is concerned about Julie and Austin's blossoming relationship, but her daughter tells her that it will happen whether she likes it or not. However, Austin tells him that Susan is dating Ian, whose wife is in a coma. Austin asks Julie for sex but she says she is not ready, he accepts this.Later, Andrew tells her that he will be getting it somewhere else as all guys do.

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He asks her why and she explains that she is studying.

Julie is with her friend Sarah and Austin talks to them. Austin asks Julie to tutor him, and she agrees but charges him extra for it.

During the tutoring lessons, he tells her the story of how he protected his mom from her boyfriend and went to juvie for it.

Whilst over there, Austin does something simple to fix the power and Julie says that he could have just told her how to do it.

Edie comes in and ushers Austin home, and then also tells Julie that she ought to be careful before she becomes a 'bad girl' like she did.

Julie feels sympathetic and writes his paper for him.