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19-Nov-2019 07:26

Jo Malones are notorious for lasting about 2 hours tops, and they are more expensive than D&G, but I can't say no. Stop buying all these watery colognes so they can start making some quality stuff again.

If you spray this at 8 in the morning and arrive at work at 9, by 10 nobody will smell the fragrance at all.

Just finished a day of conquering the business world with his charm and charisma.

Its the end of the day and he is in a leather chair with a cigar in one hand and an aged Scotch in the other, sitting in front of a fire place.

So Dolce Gabbana knew this so they released an eau de parfum which solves the problem completely and gives you at least an extra 3 hours of good silage so if you love this fragrance, invest in the parfum.

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I totally picture a 30's something sexy business man, fitted suit.

Creating this fragrance, Stefano Gabbana was following the idea of creating an uomo, a very masculine fragrance, and a very classic one, "not a banal classic, but a classic men's fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent that women adore".