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13-Jun-2020 17:29

Even an injury can ruin an actor's chance at a role.Then there are those who badmouth their bosses to the press and massive public meltdowns.

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First, Netflix fired Spacey from House of Cards and also dropped the biopic Gore from its slate, in which he played Gore Vidal.James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the original 2008 Iron Man.Cut to the follow-up, Iron Man 2, and Howard was suddenly replaced by Don Cheadle, who has since made the character his own.It's hard out there for any actor to land stellar roles, even those actors who are well established in Hollywood.

They are initially cast in a great movie or a TV show, but something happens – maybe it's the wrong look or creative differences or financial issues – and just like that, they are replaced by another actor who cements themselves as that character forever.the coveted role as billionaire playboy Tony Stark, which gave Downey a major career boost.