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Every physical action in this world is responded to in kind by the Almighty. The Torah is the Almighty's instructions for living, the blueprint of creation. Share the beauty and depth of Judaism with a fellow Jew who may be disconnected. The Jewish people are in grave danger; we must not remain silent.

Therefore the collective spiritual development will add to the merit of Rabbi Weinberg, and impact the Heavenly scales in his favor. Whether it's an additional 10 minutes a day or week, designate more time to learn the wisdom of the Torah -- and put what you're learning into practice. Become an informed activist and do what you can, whether it is combating radical Islam, exposing media bias or standing up for Israel.

The Talmud (Brachot 12b) says: "If a Torah scholar is in distress, one must become sick over him." If we have compassion for Rabbi Weinberg by genuinely sharing in his pain, this arouses Heaven to have mercy on Rabbi Weinberg as well.

Let each of us do what we can to help Rabbi Weinberg -- by storming the Heavens with our prayers, teshuva, and spiritual growth.

The list -- currently numbering in the tens of thousands -- will be given to Rabbi Weinberg to encourage him in his battle for good health. What the Holocaust did to the Jews, Rabbi Weinberg, of blessed memory, did to reverse it.

If you would like to be included, please submit your name (s) to [email protected] My father, ZT"L passed away one week after Rabbi Weinberg and I can tell you that Rabbi Weinberg,will have a friend in Olam Haba. and to qoute the Rabbi- "I"ve spoken to Him- He wants!

london ontario speeddating-15

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However, he was truly a tzaddik based on the way he treated others, especially his family. Who will shake his fist at the tide of assimilation? My family would disappear into extinction in two generations if you didn't take in my father like you did. Weinberg, thank you very much for having me in the essentials program at the end of 1997 and beggining of 1998."..which he excitedly and with his capturing smile said to me, "then Shaya, you and I will have to climb up and 'shlep' him down".....

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