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Queensland 4-mile Map, Sheet 18D and Part of 19C, with Additions from Admiralty Charts.

Shows Sea Routes Of "Pera" and "Aernem" 1623; "Limmen" (Tasman), 1644; "Beagle" (Stokes), 1841: and Land Routes of Leichhardt, 1845; F. Jardine, 1864; Hann, 1872; Mulligan, 1875; Embley, 1884-7; Dickie, 1891.

Including Maps O and P, Parts of K and L, And Queensland 4-mile Maps 14B, 15A, 10D, 11C, and Parts of 14A, 15B, 15D, 10C And 11D.

Shows Land Routes of Leichhardt, 1845; Kennedy, 1848; F. Jardine, 1864; Gregory, 1856; Walker, 1861; Mc Kinlay, 1862; Walker, 1862; Landsborough, 1862; Macdonald, 1864; Daintree, 1863-70; Wrigley (Aeroplane), 1919; Ross-Smith (Aeroplane), 1919.

Shows Land Routes of Leichhardt, 1845; Kennedy, 1848; Hann, 1872; Mulligan, 1873-75.

He was the youngest member of my Second Expedition (1879-80), and has since been in a position to acquire a very intimate knowledge of the Cape York Peninsula. I should indeed consider it a very real honour to have it dedicated to me, for I know well that it would be the standard of reference for future generations when personally we are long off the scene." , Brisbane.