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23-Nov-2020 02:43

The proposal, while unfinished, basically comes down to the fact that if a union has a collective bargaining agreement, which already in itself takes away the right to strike, then this ban on striking will extend to all other unions in the workplace.

In order to understand why this is a massive problem we have to take a step back and look at the broader context of the Swedish labor market which has a relative high level of unionization in most sectors, dominated by unions controlled by the Swedish Trade Union Confederacy, LO which organizes around a million blue collar workers in Sweden.

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When arguing about the merits of socialism and related topics, one common counterargument I receive is that of "if socialism is so great, then why did the cuban government have to force their population to not be able to leave? So in general I'd like to know defenses or reasons about why socialist countries often had such restrictive emigration policies.

Through this control Sweden has very few strikes, particularly during Social Democratic governments, and now we are at a record low number of strikes– which makes a limitation to striking is even more absurd."And I'll always remember how fear shook the wealthy, Like thieves who have just been caught out in their crime!