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’ That will be [rowing] in most high school environments, [so] that’s what he did….

I don’t think it had much to do with me.”Whatever his reasons for starting out, as he moved through high school, Matt was still competing in a number of sports as a talented athlete, with crew simply comprising the spring portion of his athletic year.

As a kid he played baseball, soccer, and hockey at various times, and even had his dad coach him in lacrosse.“He certainly knew he wanted to play something,” Liz said. That was his primary sport when he was younger.”While Matt cannot remember what drew him to rowing in the first place, his mother offered up one explanation.“The thing about Matt is [that] he likes to do things just a little bit differently,” Liz said.

“If he’s on the hockey team, he wants to be the goalie, and of all the sports you could choose for a spring sport, [he thought], ‘what would be the most off the beaten track?

The path to becoming a rower is different for every person.

Rowing is Harvard’s oldest sport but it is not widely practiced in high schools and requires significant dedication from a young age, so for the budding athlete it may not always be the obvious choice.

@ucu research project exploring the impact & implications of the TEF on learning & teaching in #highered Now realise though that whether or not a grade is attached; if the observation still leads to a pass or fail judgement on performance then it is extremely harmful, often unfair and causes significant stress to lecturers in FE particularly if linked to capability processes!

It's people we need to invest time & resources in not observation tools.

If you're a middle leader in FE, join @garyhusband & @CLloyd FE who are convening the Middle Leaders working group at #Reimagine FE18 on 27 Jun at @My BCU… Stephen Ball #The Education Debate #NEUideas PMB53OBFG Most Working Groups at #Reimagine FE18 are attracting many participants.

But we need to sell a few more tickets to make #apprenticeships, work-based learning, & governing groups viable.

Perhaps surprisingly then, both mother and son agree it was not his familial ties to rowing which led him to where he is today.“I never thought [it was inevitable],” Matt said.

“I always wanted to be a hockey player.”Liz too recalled Matt trying a number of sports.As in the case of many athletes, though, it was the arrival of a coach which changed Matt’s path permanently.“[High school crew coach Gavin Grant] is the reason I’m here,” Matt said.

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