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All wiring is point to point, so even if something should ever fail, repairs will be easy to troubleshoot and easy to diagnose, just as the best vintage components from Marantz and Mc Intosh are.Better than the numbers Have you ever met one of those scrappy little dogs that thinks he’s a big dog?And with a couple of super high efficiency speakers in the system, I prefer the Coincident amplifier.Extra credit While this is essentially a budget amplifier from a price standpoint (though in performance) it may not make sense to someone to invest in another 0 or more in NOS tubes. 3s small tube compliment (2 – EL34s, 2-6SN7s and a 5AR4) makes this amplifier a tube rollers delight.

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My other favorites, Ella Fitzgerald, Shelby Lynne and Anne Bisson all seem to just walk out from inside the speakers in such an effortless, grain free, natural way.

Ultimate simplicity Music lovers just playing vinyl or digital exclusively, can use the Mk.