Mysql updating multiple rows

14-Aug-2020 21:39

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My SQL UPDATE with WHERE My SQL UPDATE command can be used with WHERE clause to filter (against certain conditions) which rows will be updated.The following My SQL statement will update the 'receive_qty' column of newpurchase table with a new value 25 if the value of purch_price is more than 50.php // connect to the database and select the correct database mysql_connect(localhost,username,password); mysql_select_db(db_name) or die("Unable to select database"); // find out how many records there are to update $size = count($_POST['Avalibity']); // start a loop in order to update each record $i = 0; while ($i < $size) mysql_close(); ?> <tr> <td colspan='4' align='center'> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table></div></body></html> been one of my strong points.In the following rows of item table, 'value' column which is marked with red rectangle will be updated.PHP Script Sample Output: Multiple Updates in My SQL Sample table: table1 Problem If you want to update the val1 with 5,8 and 7 for concerned id 1,3 and 4 and the other val1 will remain same and the val2 will be updated with 13 and 5 for the concerned id 2 and 4 and the other will remain same, the following update statement can be used by using IF and CASE.My SQL UPDATE with subqueries Here in the following, we have discussed how to use My SQL UPDATE command with subqueries.The following My SQL statement will update purch_price with purch_price multiplied by 5 if it satisfies the condition defined in the subquery started with SELECT wrapped within a pair of parenthesis.

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The following My SQL statement will update pub_lang column with NULL if purch_price is more than 50.

Hi I'm trying to get this script to work, it almost works but doesn't update ALL the fields after you click submit.

Two fields don't display at all (the ones that don't update) .

Everything works fine now but "Record Number" doesn't show up on the 2nd page.

It's not super important that it does (would be nice) as it doesn't update but only helps me to use ctrl f to find things.

The challenge are: -there are number of location that needs to be updated (A01 to A40) -each of the location varies in the number of items (A01 might have E01 and E02 for TYPE1 but for A02 there might be only 1 E01) There is a fixed logic that 1 set of 3 rows needs to update the ADDRESS column with 1 then next 3 rows 2 and subsequently.