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22-Sep-2020 06:14

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With California Congressman Eric Swalwell; White House Targets Leaks; North Korea Suspends Talks With South Korea; Uber Changes Policies After CNN Investigation; Judge Refuses to Drop Charges Against Manafort.

Aired 5-6p ET • White House Mocks Mc Cain's Brain Cancer; White House Chief of Staff Under Fire; Interview With Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego; Pruitt's Pricey Dinner with Accused Cardinal Under Scrutiny; Rosenstein Attracts Trump's Ire.• Interview With Congressman Ruben Gallego; President Trump Pushing More Conspiracy Theories; ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' Follow Racist Tweets; Fast Moving Lava Shuts Down Key Hawaii Highway; Study: Puerto Rico Hurricane Death Toll Near 5,000.Aired 6-7p ET • 'Roseanne' Canceled Over Star's Racist Tweets; Trump Heads to Rally after New Conspiracy Rant; Kim Jong-un's Right-Hand Man to Visit U. as Part of Summit Planning; Embattled Missouri Governor Resigns.Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Effective in Attacks on Mueller Probe?

; Trump Meets With Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray; Interview With California Congressman Ted Lieu; Hawaii Residents Told Be Prepared to Leave "With Little to No Notice"; North Korean Man Says Seoul Tricked Him Into Defecting.Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Discloses Payment to Cohen During Campaign; FBI Director Says Russia Probe Not a Witch Hunt; Trump Jr.