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“They know that Sirius left me everything and when you add all the Potter stuff to that…? ” She whispered, turning to face him.“Do you really think Ron didn’t know? Or he wouldn’t have stormed off, thinking that you and I…” She couldn’t even say it.“Eww…” Harry grimaced. She wasn't cutting the rest of the family out of her life, just to avoid two people, though. No, Hermione wasn’t that forgiving, even if Ron was. As Raven was leaving the examiner suggested that Raven think about taking his Mastery in DADA with teaching credentials, that he had a very strong aptitude for the subject. probably mad, but definitely brilliant.” Harry assured her.“Right, well… He listened and watched and by the end of the session, Raven could see that man had actually picked up some of Raven’s shield variations and was using them, instead of the standard shields.

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Raven thanked him politely and agreed it was something he had thought about. I mean Voldermort’s not dead, we have to go back.”“Let me think for a minute, Harry. Harry watched her for a few minutes, before he got bored… He raided the box that they kept their food in and made sandwiches for both of them. She sat down and, just as quietly as Harry had, began to eat the meal Harry had left her. Raven looked at the man and shook his head, if looks were anything to go by, this man was a walking disaster.

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