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27-Oct-2019 01:03

The gifts & items on offer vary and we have a fantastic selection for gamers to choose from. All our events are unique and cater for the European market. Chang You Europe is proud to announce that we will be sending two TLBB player to China for an all expenses paid 6-day trip.

The F2P element of TLBB is something, we feel, should be standard for players as we’d like this to be a long-term benefit for them. To view all current and past events, you can visit the events page of TLBB. On Saturday we played our first game of Hide and Seek with a GM, the first 10 people to find the GM won a new skill for their pet! And best of all, all you have to do to win is play TLBB!

Below is a list of the prizes you can win: is LIVE!

We know a lot of you have been waiting for a while but it’s finally time to start a new TLBB adventure.

Visit our partner sites to recieve your Crystal Dragon Egg code!

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Fortunately, we managed to drag her away from her day-to-day responsibilities to get her to answer a few questions about TLBB in Europe. In China, the book this game was based on is called Tiān Lóng Bā Bù– Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils – a famous martial arts novel written by a well respected writer called Louis Cha.

Many factors are taken into consideration when developing game content including graphics and performance on “average” computers. TLBB has a very loyal following throughout Asia; our PCU figure alone is testament to that.In a relatively short time 10 people found where that elusive GM was hiding and received their reward. Players need to collect special eggs containing words when killing monsters.Next time we’ll have to make the clues a bit harder. Each egg will have a different word in it and after you have collected enough of them you will be able to claim some in-game items or save up and win a trip to China!Many of the chat portals on the web require users to signup and give your email address in order to use the services.

There are however a few great places on the web where you can chat away without signing up, without registering, and without giving away your email address or credit card information.The character wipe has allowed people to start anew and go head to head with the best players what in turn has multiplied the numbers of Kung Fu adepts on our servers!