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Even our friends, who could easily tell us apart, sometimes referred to us as the twins rather than using our names.I think some of it is just people's laziness, not bothering to recognise and develop separate relationships, but I think some of it is also because twins have such a close bond that it sort of shuts other people out.Like singletons at this age, twins are also seeking to define themselves, but for individual twins this often involves trying to redefine themselves as "not the same as their twin".I cut my long hair into a much shorter style (to contrast with my sister's hair which she kept long).Please be aware that some stories may be upsetting as they discuss difficult issues such as twin loss and bereavement.For identical twins, people not bothering to, or not being able to, distinguish between them is likely to reinforce the twins' tendency to be seen as a unit (the twins) rather than as two unique individuals.We both strove to keep our grade as high as possible, which was usually within a mark or two of each other.

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If Paula and I had been raised together, perhaps, wanting to accentuate our differences, only one of us would have studied film. But there is no possibility of testing this hypothesis."My twin and I always received almost identical marks in all our subjects at school - it was lucky because it meant we didn't have to put up with being labeled the smart one versus the dumb one (like some twin pairs do).When I was 14 years old my identical twin and I spent a year apart.She was popular and because she already had a boyfriend another boy admirer decided he 'loved me instead' even though he'd never met me!To me it was just another example how people don't understand what it's like to grow up as an identical twin.

They tend to make twin troubles even worse because of their ignorance.

The eventual results of this unit style identification vary considerably depending on the pair of twins involved and on the specific circumstances of their upbringing.

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