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The largest and most notorious is in the suburban neighborhoods that have sprung up in and around traditionally Negro towns.Reporter Sarah Palin joined one of the groups on patrol.Keillor says the only incident he recalls involves inadvertently slipping his hand up the bare back of a “friend.” Also on the Thanksgiving holiday chopping block: PBS fixture and CBS morning news star Charlie Rose, who reportedly groped, grabbed, phone-harassed, and exposed himself to upwards of eight female employees, interns, and job applicants dating back to the 1990s.At the end of November, NPR canned Chief News Editor David Sweeney following an internal review after four of the public radio network’s female employees lodged formal complaints involving unwanted kisses, attention, and gifts. Don’t take it from me; Read More 1) Liberals: Conservatives are so paranoid! These are not threats that anyone should take lightly because they have the potential to do almost incalculable Read More Did you know that for all the projection you get from liberals about conservatives being angry, unhappy, bitter people, conservatives are actually happier than liberals? It was because we were taking on a form of global fascism, weâ?? Not just imagery, not just presentation, but heroism and sense of life make this film awesome. Nobody questions why after Pearl Harbor we attacked Nazi Germany. Their confidence is unshaken, resolve unrelenting, and words matched by actions to the last stand.

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There are no anti-heroes to be found, none just going through the motions, no muddled or conflicted ‘heroes’ succumbing to this or that weakness or folly.In August, award-winning broadcast and radio host John Hockenberry departed from his public radio program “The Takeaway” on New York City’s NPR affiliate, which garnered a peak audience of nearly 3 million weekly listeners on more than 270 stations.Female producers and interns accused him of harassment and bullying before and after he deployed his golden parachute.Hockenberry says he’s “horrified” by the allegations.

In October, NPR’s former editorial director and senior vice president of news, Michael Oreskes, was ousted from his perch after several women claimed he forcibly kissed them in the 1990s while seeking jobs at his previous employer, The New York Times.

And generally that America was to be known for its flaws rather than its virtues.

He also promised he hadn’t any alcohol, but Eve just doesn’t know what to believe.… continue reading »

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