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However, too often it comes across as a snoozy version of The Graduate.Sadly, writer-director Jonathan Levine has chosen to convey excitement through the medium of old hip hop; it's like trying to convey excitement through old Ant and Dec records.Presumably, we're supposed to find something touching in the bonding between the two men from different generations, but The Wackness is self-pitying when it's not patting its own back for its insightfulness, and the pill-popping Squires feels like a feral comic creation in what's supposed to be a melancholy film.What's worse is that the film can't hear its own mixtape of clichs, especially its portrayal of women, who are either middle-aged and cruel, or young, ripe and on their way to being cruel – or prepared to snog Kingsley in a phonebox, as Mary Kate Olsen does in one scene.While highly medicated himself, he tells the lad: "You don't need medication, you need to get laid." He becomes disapproving, however, when Josh falls for his stepdaughter, Stephanie (Olivia Thirlby, from Juno).She is only looking for a weekend distraction; he's having a life-changing experience.The Wackness was awarded the Audience Award for Dramatic Film at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.The film garnered positive reviews from critics, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 69% rating based on 125 reviews, the site's consensus reading, "Sympathetic characters and a clever script help The Wackness overcome a familiar plot to make for a charming coming-of-age comedy." Ben Kingsley's performance, however, earned him a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Supporting Actor (also for The Love Guru and War, Inc.). "The What," a song from that album featuring Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, who also appears in the film as Luke's supplier, leads off the soundtrack.

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Luke starts dealing more marijuana to make money for his family. Squires, he bumps into Steph and invites her to come with him dealing around the city. Another client of Luke's shows up and while getting drunk and high, they get kicked out for underage drinking. Squires are walking from the bar and start tagging a wall but are apprehended by the police. He tells his father to be a man and do something about it." and Luke continues, "had my heart broken" and as he is on the verge of tears he goes into the elevator and Stephanie looks sad for a moment, before smiling and seeming to realize Luke will be fine.