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18-Mar-2020 23:02

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In high school I've never been one of the popular kids.

I usually just keep to myself, but I have some good friends that I hang out with after school and on weekends.

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My dad divorced my mom after she went through some destructive habits when I was just 3 years old.

I thought it was crying but when I listened closer I could tell it was a moan. You were just as aroused as I was, and I was just acting on my feelings."She looked down, "I'm sorry Brian but if we did that we'd be breaking the law and I could go to jail.""I won't tell a soul Emily. And in a few months I won't be a student anymore."Again I went up to her and caressed her face, "It'll be OK." I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth again. Our tongues twisted together and we kissed for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes. She kissed down my stomach to the waistband of my shorts. Her tongue was circling the tip of my cock and she was bobbing up and down like there was no tomorrow. I wasn't going to last much longer she looked into my eyes and I told her, "Fuck, I'm cumming Emily! My cock going in and out at such a slow pace made me go crazy. I took charge again and held her hips still and started pumping up and down. She was moaning and screaming with every one of my thrusts.

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