Outlook recurring meetings not updating

04-Dec-2020 16:25

This method, though laborious, allows fine control over when a resource is double booked and when not.

Suppose on the other hand an administrator follows the second workaround, and hands control to a trusted delegate instead of the Resource Booking Assistant?

I'd also like to offer a third one that wasn’t mentioned before: Recall that if a recurring meeting series is accepted individual conflict notifications will be emailed to the organizer in addition to the acceptance email for the series.

The organizer can use those declined-instance emails as a reference for following the first of our workarounds, which would be to send additional non-recurring meeting requests to double-book the intended resource room for each declined instance.

Change to Distribution List I set up a distribution list for the 97 meeting invitees.

When creating the meeting request, it looks like Outlook automatically expands the distribution list to the list's current users.

It also turns out a delegate can selectively decline any number of conflicting instances while accepting the series, something the assistant cannot.If I add a few users to the distribution list, I delete the current invitees and put in the same distribution list again, which again auto-expands.The problem: Existing meeting invitees receive a meeting cancellation followed by a meeting invitation, even if I choose to just update the new invitees. Change to meeting invite body I made a text change to the message body of the meeting.Instead of sending out one recurring meeting update, Outlook sent out one meeting update request ***for each occurrence*** of the meeting.

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This resulted in thousands of emails going out (1 per month until 2020 to each invitee).

The question came up about how exactly they can do this, so let’s take a look: The request policy on a resource mailbox can be configured to require delegate control over resolving recurring meeting request instance conflicts. What might the process look like, and what tools can they use carry it out?

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