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There were no major changes at the Pu'u 'O'o crater during the period; only minor fluctuations occurred in the lava pond lake level, and periodic rockfalls briefly disturbed the pond surface.There were, however, many surface breakouts along almost the entire length of the episode 61g lava flow from near the base of Pu'u 'O'o all the way to the Kamokuna ocean entry, about 12 km S.Observers noted that a perched lava pond/channel was 11 m above ground level, and that methane was seen overnight that burned blue in road cracks.On 24 May lava was entering the ocean at three points between Pohoiki Bay and Mac Kenzie State Park, though by the next day only two were active.MODVOLC, MIROVA, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) provided additional satellite information of thermal anomalies and SO plumes.The lava lake level inside Halema'uma'u crater continued to rise and fall periodically during January-June 2017.During 26-27 May activity at Fissure 7 increased; lava from fountains 45-60 m tall built a large, 30-m-high spatter rampart.Large cracks were observed overnight on Kupono St., near Fissure 9.

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At 1244 on 25 May a M 4 earthquake was located in the summit region.By the end of March, a small new delta was again visible above sea-level.

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