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12-Sep-2020 12:57

Could be worse, we could be Spurs Nite mate Yeah so do I. Cant see us beating you at the Bridge in fairness but I'll be watching.I don't think anyone, let alone Arsenal are entitled to win anything, but a club our size, with our resources should be going toe to toe with the best in the country and Europe and we haven't done that in a long time. Yeh I agree, 4-0 flattered WBA , it could have been a cricket score had it not been for the keeper. Good result but to say the Swansea defence was atrocious , would be an understatement. Would imagine there are a lot of people from other clubs supporting us tomorrow Yeah, if we lose, or even don't win, the title is gone.But it certainly won’t deter him, it won’t scare him and I think he’ll handle it fine.He’s lived with pressure for the vast majority of his footballing life. Man Ure and 5pur2 dropping points and what a performance from Everton Should be a cracking game tomorrow between City and Spurs, more dropped points Expect the others to win comfortably setting up a top of the table clash in 2 weeks between Chelsea and The Arsenal For sure.

Chelsea may be flying high at the top of the Premier League, but this is one table their fans definitely don’t want to be top of.

According to extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, Blues fans, for the second year running, are the most likely to be unfaithful in the league.

Perhaps most astonishingly, Chelsea fans reportedly manage a crazy 4.15 cheats per year – that’s some going!

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has confirmed the Premier League is set to introduce a “much-needed” winter break.

The belief that a break, which is set to be introduced across the end of January and start of February during the 2019/20 season, will help both the national team and counter fatigue at club level are the main reasons for its introduction.

“Very soon this will pay dividends with the creation of a mid-season break, which is a much needed improvement for our clubs and England teams.” Introducing a break will see the English game follow in the footsteps of Europe’s four other top leagues, with Germany, Spain, Italy and France all stopping over Christmas and the new year.