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It was ugly business, though in the aftermath Thurman tried to take the high road, as seems to be her way. They click into each other and begin to appreciate each other. But I'm sitting there giving her my private thoughts about Mia — stuff that Uma and I had talked about that's not on the page — when all of a sudden I felt like I was cheating on Uma. ' How can I talk to another girl about Mia when Uma is Mia? The whole joke was, you could actually release an entire movie with dialogue, what there is of it, overlaid on the feet, and you'd probably have a fairly comprehensive narrative."Secrets of a sort are being revealed, we think. Maybe Uma is tiring of her muse role and no longer wishes to entirely contain her feelings. Even if it isn't a sexual thing, it is intimate; and it's probably a little creepy, too, her having to know that while she sleeps, Tarantino is no doubt thinking of her ... "I mean, I don't know what sense it makes today. I don't know what else I can say."We can see water starting to collect in the corners of her eyes and say no more about Hawke. Just recently, she was in New York and he was in Santa Monica, inside a mixing room, pacing around while on a screen in front of him flashed images of Thurman, as the Bride, suffering any number of indignities.

In some quarters, all this may be frowned upon, but he could care less. The food here is very good, but it is a little special. I'll get one, too, and maybe a few oysters, just to be celebratory, and take in a few heavy metals and get excited."Yes," she says pleasantly, "it'll be a little mercury for us."And so this is our introduction to Uma, who apparently is as skittish about being Tarantino's muse as Tarantino is about saying what kind of muse she is. But her agent insisted, and one night Tarantino joined her for dinner in Los Angeles."Every other person I'd talked to had ideas about the script," Tarantino recalls. ' "They next met in New York, had dinner again, hardly talked about the movie and wound up back at Thurman's apartment, where Tarantino asked her to read a scene for him. Too young."e do, in fact, spend a lot of time glancing at Uma obliquely, but there's nothing to it; it's only us trying to look around the corners of her marzipan-colored skin to see more of what might be inside, because words only go so far and she can be so discreet."What's it like being single? "The last time I wasn't married, I was twenty-five, and I didn't have two children. I can't really relate to it.""Have you been on a number of dates? I met one person, and I've been seeing that one person.""So you didn't go out on a number of dates before meeting that one person? But we'll have to get back to that later, because there's precious little time to dwell on it now.

Everything accrues to his great glory and reputation. I think I listened to a lot of scenes and gave Quentin my opinions and killed myself trying to help him make the movie great. In many ways, we are lost and don't know what to make of her and her words. "Maybe Uma didn't like the material, maybe she hadn't even read it, but she made it a point to not talk about it much." Instead, she talked about her life, and he talked about his life, and in Tarantino's mind it suddenly seemed like they were acting out one of the most memorable scenes in the fictional world of Pulp Fiction, the one where Vincent, the hitman, has to take Mia, his boss's wife, out to dinner, and they wind up at some retro juke joint twisting the night away."If you remember that scene," Tarantino goes on, "the two people don't really know each other. She downed a few shots of vodka to loosen herself up, went at it and was quite great."I was still meeting with a bunch of people, however, and I didn't know Uma was Mia until the next time I went out on a meeting," he says. ""Nope.""But let's say someone were to approach you, maybe in a bar, what line might work? We have to inflict some unfortunate torture of our own on Uma, involving the end of her marriage to Hawke."Let's approach it this way," we begin.

"It got a little scandalous this year, but I have a 'you play, you pay,' philosophy toward celebrity," she told reporters. "We take this in stride, because this is the Uma Thurman we have been led to expect, the firm-voiced straight shooter, with two children at home (by Hawke: Levon Roan, 2, and Maya Ray, 5) waiting to be tucked into bed. ' And that's when I knew."And then Uma turned it down! But her agent said, ' You know, Quentin, she just had a really bad experience with Stanley Kubrick, and she's rejecting you before you can reject her.... I don't obviously know what's better, or I'd still be married.""I didn't really say that. She's getting her arm twisted nearly to the breaking point, hitting a stone wall with her fist until flesh drops away and finding herself cruelly bopped on the head with a cane.

"I suppose it's my fate that my highs are undercut by lows."As for any romance between Tarantino, 41, and Thurman, 33, they both say it's never happened. The easiest way to piss Uma off is to talk about her personally to the press." And as we all know, if you've got a muse, the last thing you'd want to do is piss that muse off, because if that happened, then where would you be? She comes off as being entirely matter-of-fact and slightly chilly, and is apparently that way with most people. Call her up and talk to her.' " He did, and the next day Thurman said, "I'm in. I'm ready to go."And so Tarantino found his muse. But I think I was still trying to defend him in a way, saying, ' Don't make such a big deal out of it.' ""Well, cheating is horrible," we say, "but what may not be so horrible is stuff of the heart that you have no control over.""Yes," she says. Like most actions, it's really the intent that's important.""Do you know what Ethan's intent was? Studying this last vision, Tarantino says to a sound technician, "When she gets hit on the head, I want more of a Three Stooges for Thurman, right on the noggin.

Los Angeles: Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman have reportedly taken their friendship to the next level after working together for many years.

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