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PARTICIPANTS ITEMS DEBATED VPOTATO STARCH QUOTAS PAGEREF _Toc10548489 \h VIIETHYL ALCOHOL OF AGRICULTURAL ORIGIN PAGEREF _Toc10548490 \h VIIIPROTECTION OF GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS AND DESIGNATIONS OF ORIGIN FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS AND FOODSTUFFS PAGEREF _Toc10548491 \h VIIIOTHER BUSINESS PAGEREF _Toc10548492 \h VIII-World Food Summit (Rome, 10 13 June 2002) PAGEREF _Toc10548493 \h VIII-Greek position on the mid-term review of Agenda 2000 PAGEREF _Toc10548494 \h VIII-US Agriculture Act PAGEREF _Toc10548495 \h IXITEMS APPROVED WITHOUT DEBATEAGRICULTURE PAGEREF _Toc10548496 \h IX--Signing of the Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (FAO) PAGEREF _Toc10548497 \h IXRESEARCH PAGEREF _Toc10548498 \h IX--Malta: Association with the 5th Research Framework Programme PAGEREF _Toc10548499 \h IX--Thermonuclear research - ITER PAGEREF _Toc10548500 \h IX--Framework agreement with the European Space Agency PAGEREF _Toc10548501 \h XINTERNAL MARKET PAGEREF _Toc10548502 \h X--Life Assurance (recast version) PAGEREF _Toc10548503 \h XTRANSPORT PAGEREF _Toc10548504 \h X--Maritime safety PAGEREF _Toc10548505 \h X--Committee on Safe Seas (COSS) PAGEREF _Toc10548506 \h XECOFIN PAGEREF _Toc10548507 \h XI--Recasting of the Council Financial Regulation PAGEREF _Toc10548508 \h XIEXTERNAL RELATIONS PAGEREF _Toc10548509 \h XI--Lithuania - establishment of a Consultative Committee PAGEREF _Toc10548510 \h XI--International code of conduct against ballistic missile proliferation PAGEREF _Toc10548511 \h XI--Special Representative for Afghanistan - extension of the mandate PAGEREF _Toc10548512 \h XI--Nigeria PAGEREF _Toc10548513 \h XII--Restrictive measures against Usama bin Laden, Al-Qaida and the Taliban PAGEREF _Toc10548514 \h XII--Dual-use items and technology PAGEREF _Toc10548515 \h XII For further information call or 285 7459. Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, as amended by the Treaty of Amsterdam, constitute the legal basis for gender mainstreaming.Incorporating equal opportunities for men and women into all policies and programmes is therefore an obligation both for the Member States and for the Community institutions. The Community framework strategy on gender equality (2001-2005) seeks to establish a framework within which all Community activities attain the objective of eliminating inequalities and promoting equality between women and men. Regulation No 1260/1999 laying down general provisions on the Structural Funds provides that the Structural Funds should contribute to eliminating inequalities and promoting equality between men and women as part of its policy to strengthen economic and social cohesion. The Regulation on support for rural development (1257/1999), grouping together the Community's rural development measures, provides that support should be given to measures intended to remove inequalities and promote equal opportunities for men and women. The four Community initiatives, Interreg III, Equal, Urban and Leader , support equal opportunities for men and women and, specifically, Leader gives support as a priority to strategies which seek to boost employment opportunities and other activities for women, owing to the important role of women in the development of rural areas. In November 1997, the Luxembourg European Council, as part of a coordinated strategy for employment, devoted the fourth pillar of this strategy to "strengthening the policies for equal opportunities" in the labour market. In the Presidency communiqué from the conference of ministers for equality between women and men held in Paris on 27 October 2000, the ministers present at the conference expressed their wish to see "a continuation of the practice of integrating the issue of equality between women and men into the proceedings of the Council of Ministers of the European Union other than the Employment and Social Affairs Council". Previous Presidencies have already conducted work on the area of incorporating equality between men and women into the activity of the Council, particularly in the Education Council, the Internal Market Council, the field of science and research, the Development Council, the field of external relations and the general guidelines of ECOFIN's economic policy. In line with the considerations set out in point 7, the Spanish Presidency has decided to include gender mainstreaming in the Agriculture Council, specifically in the field of rural development, and in the Environment Council. States that in order to achieve an effective rural development strategy it is necessary to harness the knowledge and resources of all citizens and to introduce measures which meet their needs in accordance with the values of our society and the European agricultural model, always bearing in mind two essential principles: equality between men and women, and universal participation. In order to promote the necessary consolidation of territorial and social cohesion processes in the EU, and bearing in mind the differences between the rural and urban environments, considers it appropriate to promote and boost the participation and role of rural women in sustainable rural development. Recognises that women play a key role in the life of rural communities which extends beyond that linked to economic activity (agricultural or otherwise) insofar as they are generally more involved than men in family life and in that of their communities, having to reconcile family and professional life. Acknowledges the consolidation of a growing role for rural women in "civil society", the local political sphere, the civic/citizen-oriented associative movement, new sources of employment, agricultural diversification activities, the multi-functional role of agriculture, associative networks, etc., in short, in the new rural system. Considers that, despite the fact that in recent years the situation of women in the rural environment has improved considerably, there are still obstacles or discriminatory situations which prevent women living and working in the rural environment from assuming the role which they deserve in the shaping of the new rural development processes. Is aware that unemployment in rural areas within the Union tends to affect women more than men.That Directive was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 14 February 2002 (Press Release 6111/02) and the necessary amendments were incorporated into the text of the Directive on direct life assurance, thus allowing adoption of the common position.Maritime safety The Council adopted its common position with a view to the adoption of a Directive amending the Directives on maritime safety and the prevention of pollution from ships (7473/02).It stressed that the mid-term review should not call into question the principles and mechanisms agreed on at the Berlin Summit and that several agricultural sectors (cereals, fruit and vegetables, poultry, etc.), needed more attention paid to their needs through an adaptation of Community legislation which also took account of the international environment.The French delegation drew the Council and Commission's attention to the United States new Agriculture Act with a view to a discussion within the Council given the range of possible implications both as regards the world agricultural economy and from the angle of the new WTO negotiations and the mid-term review of Agenda 2000.In some rural regions the rate of female unemployment is twice as high as that of men as a result of a range of factors such as the traditional roles for men and women, the abandonment of rural areas, a decline in the standard of living, isolation or a lack of services, for example transport facilities and child and elderly care services. Recognises that it is necessary to continue promoting the integration of women into the various sectors covered by new sources of employment as part of integrated rural development, such as new information technologies, tele-working, local services, rural tourism, leisure services, services providing childcare and care for dependants, and the promotion of environment-friendly activities. Is aware that adequate training and technical qualification is necessary to facilitate access to these new sources of employment.

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The Presidency stressed the need for a common, united Community position when preparing for the meeting.

The agreement would help to promote the development of a European space policy and the complementary role of the ESA as the implementing agency for programmes launched at the initiative of the European Union.

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