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11-Dec-2019 19:37

No link between the sexual advances Mc Callum rebuffed and her last work assignment was ever proven.

But an internal prison investigation into supervision of probationary employees — ordered in the wake of the murder — uncovered a rat's nest of problems.

The case continues, with a final pretrial conference set for May 1.

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In a court filing, Assistant Attorney General Jeanmarie Miller, representing the department, argued Johnson took his "off-work conduct a bit too far" by texting her the offensive photo.

It's a pattern current and former female prison employees say is played out repeatedly in the Michigan Department of Corrections, despite a department pledge three decades ago to stamp out what it acknowledged then was a huge problem.

A Free Press investigation found: Sexual harassment has become a more prominent workplace issue in recent months, with large numbers of high-profile women in Hollywood and elsewhere going public with what they have endured.

Yet Marko said Johnson's personnel file shows he has never been disciplined for it, up to and including what happened with Woods.

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In rejecting arguments from the department that Woods' suit should be dismissed, a three-judge panel noted evidence that supervisors knew for years of similar conduct by Johnson, who among other instances was earlier investigated for exposing himself to three other female employees.Brown pledged to eradicate the problem through measures that included employee and supervisor training, streamlined reporting including an 800 number to report harassment, and the appointment of at least one sexual harassment counselor at each prison. But interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees and scrutiny of hundreds of pages of court and civil service records show the department's policy has been anything but zero tolerance.

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