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The person portrayed in this statue had a lighter skin than was used in portraying native Egyptians. The flail was meant to symbolize that he was a person with considerable authority, but not a pharaoh; pharaohs were shown with the double crown of Egypt and the uraeus or cobras head on that crown.He was therefore an Asiatic, Semitic person (Hebrew).I have travelled extensively throughout Israel and the Levant.I have been directly involved in many archeological digs under the authority of the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority).Others think it is instead a statue of Josephs father, Jacob, but this does not fit with the youthful appearance; Joseph was 30 years old when he became vizier, but Jacob did not enter Egypt until he was 130 (Genesis 47:9).In 1657 BC the Hyksos overthrew the pharaohs of Egypt and built their palaces at Tel el-Dab'a.(see exodus route map above) Tel el-Dab'a was a city similar to modern port cities with millions of containers being loaded and offloaded from ocean tanker ships.

We completely ignored everything EXCEPT the bible: We ignored: maps, history, commentaries and the opinions of archeologists. Sinai is in Arabia: Gal ) We were also able to prove from scripture that Kadesh Barnea must be Transjordan, somewhere south of the Dead Sea in modern Jordan.

I did not discover this exodus route, I merely restored it to what is revealed in scripture.

I hope this book will strengthen your faith in God's inspired word.

From this study, we concluded the Scriptures taught that Israel crossed the Red Sea somewhere on the Gulf of Aqaba, forcing Mt. Only after we had concluded our scriptural study, did we begin to consider two important additional witnesses: history and Archaeology. Josephus and Eusebius caused us to choose the general Petra area for Kadesh Barnea.

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Josephus and Eusebius and others caused us to choose Mt. When conflicts arose between the Scriptures, history and Archaeology, we always chose the infallible, all-sufficient, imperishable word of God.The mushroom hairstyle is also Semitic and non-Egyptian.

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